Community Guidelines

The GenomeSpace (What is GenomeSpace?) Community provides a space for learning about and discussing biological data analysis using bioinformatic tools and resources available through the GenomeSpace platform. The following guidelines are meant to help keep the GenomeSpace community friendly and useful for everyone.


Where to ask questions:

Questions about a recipe

Recipes are designed with a space for readers to comment and ask questions at the bottom of the recipe web page. You must first be logged into GenomeSpace to leave a comment on a recipe. Comments about the tools, parameters, and data used to complete a recipe are welcome, as is constructive criticism and suggestions for improvements.

Questions about a GenomeSpace tool or data resource

  • Contact the tool developers. Contact information and help links are available from the GenomeSpace tool page.
  • For desktop tools (e.g. Cytoscape, Cytoscape 3, Genomica, geWorkbench, Gitools, IGV, and ISACreator) please also include which version of Java you are have (use to check your Java version).

Other questions about GenomeSpace

If you are asking a technical question please include information about which operating system and browser you are using to access GenomeSpace.



Please respect copyright. Only upload content (text, images, videos, etc.) that you have made or that you are authorized to use.

To report a possible copyright issue, email us at



We will remove any spam as it comes to our attention. Repeated spam postings could result in disablement of your GenomeSpace account.

To report possible spam, email us at